Picking the Right Style of Pallet Rack for a Given Application

bullet imagebullet imageSometimes the simplest and humblest seeming of warehousing choices can make the biggest difference. In many Orlando-area warehouses, selective-style Pallet Rack Systems are the norm, a situation that can easily be understood. By combining a basic, economical design with widely applicable access patterns, Industrial Shelving of this kind can make for a flexible choice. At the same time, there are plenty of area warehouses that would benefit from a switch to more www.atlanticrack.com specialized shelving equipment.

By working with a company like Atlantic Rack Orlando businesses can often determine if they might fall into this group. On top of the selective systems that so many are already familiar with, there are several more styles of pallet racks that are widely available in the area. Understanding just what each of these is designed to excel at and where it might make sense can help a business seize new opportunities for improving its everyday efficiency.

As can be seen at www.atlanticrack.com, the most common rack styles beyond selective ones fall into a few basic groups. Drive-in systems help to maximize the utilization of floor space, consisting, as they do, of several rows of racking slots stacked one in front of the other. Compared to a series of three or more selective racks, a drive-in system might well afford utilization of fifty percent more or greater, making this style frequently a strong choice where space is at a premium.

Another important, specialized style of rack is the push-back system. Compared to the most common racks, which typically lack any moving parts, racks of this design are fairly complex, coming complete with any of a variety of mechanical systems that allow for the automatic transfer of pallets that are to be loaded or unloaded. While that additional complexity does come with real costs, racks of this family can provide both improved space usage and more regular turnover of products stored on them. That combination of features frequently makes such racks excellent choices for companies in the chemical industry or that are involved with food production, where ensuring steady rotation is a must.

On top of these two popular alternatives to the selective style of rack are several more, including cantilever-based systems and those that use pallet-flow designs. As with push-back and drive-in racks, these also come with particular advantages and drawbacks, meaning that picking between them is often best accomplished with some expert, highly informed help. Because making the right choice can pay off for such a long time thereafter, any additional effort will almost always be worth it.